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My questions:
1. Which would be your life themesong?
Perhaaaaps ‘Scars' -Papa Roach, or 'Burn' - The Cure

2. Which videogame would you rather live in?
That’s rough! All my games of choice always have multiple choices and lead to different endings, mostly end up really sad or very selfish :<
Might be 'Deus Ex:Human Revolution' but Adam have a really mournful twist that lead himself to a painful mission.

3. Which element would you bend?
I find immense passion with the Air element and Airbenders :3! Their have many attributes that I quite adore on someone but many aspects of mine define me as Earth, even if that’s oppositive side of the coin I still enjoy to be close to the Air.

4. Which Hogwarts house would you be in? What would your patronus be? I do have many aspects from Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw houses but you FORCED me to take that quiz from www.pottermore.com and the hat assigned me Slytherin (how swell). Then I did like 4 or 5 non-official quizzes that still matches me with Slytherin or iconic characters from that specific house. Oh, and for the patronus, it would be a Raven… or an Owl.

5. If you could stay an age forever, which would it be?
Age 21; Around September to November 2011.

6. If you could join any music band, which would it be?
H.I.M. :D And definitely I would invite Lauri, Apocalyptica crew, Vitamin String, Robert Smith, Amy Lee and Davey Havok…

7. Is there any word you find funny?
Oh Yeah: ‘Vaginítis’, ‘Peel’ and many words related to the human sphincter. LOL.

8. If a there was a zombie apocalypse, who would you get in your survival team (yes, any person in the world)?
First from all that would be a really dreadful situation where survival would be a priority as well as confidence, so, I wish to have Bear Grylls

9. If you were at Walmart right now, what would you buy?
Frikin Chips! Takis, Doritos, Cheetos @w@!image

10. And we will never be alone again ‘cause it doesn’t happen everyday, kinda counted on you being a friend, can I give it up or give it away?♫♪

11. Where the fuk should I go?
You should go to Hogward

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  • 1.What you're drinking.
  • 2.Your mobile phone.
  • 3.Television remote.
  • 4.Your hands.
  • 5.Your lips.
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  • 7.Your favorite stuffed animal/toy.
  • 8.Your face right now.
  • 9.The shirt you're wearing.
  • 10.What you're eating.
  • 11.Your room.
  • 12.Your T.V.
  • 13.Something random.
  • 14.Your ceiling.
  • 15.Your eye.
  • 16.Your computer.
  • 17.Your favorite piece of jewelry.
  • 18.Your favorite item of clothing.
  • 19.Your favorite shoes.
  • 20.Something important to you.
  • 21.Something shiney.
  • 22.Some red.
  • 23.Something orange.
  • 24.Something yellow.
  • 25.Something green.
  • 26.Something blue.
  • 27.Something purple.
  • 28.Something pink.
  • 29.Something black.
  • 30.Something rainbow.
  • 31.Something that makes you smile.
  • 32.Something that brings back a good memory.
  • 33.Something that brings back a bad memory.
  • 34.Something you've had since you were a child.
  • 35.Something old.
  • 36.Something new.
  • 37.Something you think is cute.
  • 38.Something funny.
  • 39.Something cool.
  • 40.Something weird that you own.
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The portal to one of the homelands of my heart.


The portal to one of the homelands of my heart.

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Shop Creepyyeha


Shop Creepyyeha

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Plup! D:

Plup! D:

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Me when facing death without noticing :3

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"dobby can only be freed if master presents him with bbq"

"&#8230; with BBQ&#8221;boy, I can&#8217;t stop laughing!


"dobby can only be freed if master presents him with bbq"

"… with BBQ
boy, I can’t stop laughing!

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